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Parker the Tripawd Rescue A Rough beginning but things are looking up

What a First Day

December 8th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

How could you not want to go see this beautiful girl first thing in the morning? Well, shelter opens at 1000 I was there at 1030. I didn’t exactly tell my husband I was doing this and he IS the retired Army vet who would be staying home with her all day while I’m at work but I just had to go meet her.

{On a side note – we recently had quite a traumatic experience rescuing a kitten a few months ago and had to put him down 2 days before Thanksgiving due to FIP (a fatal disease in cats) which was hard for my husband that was his little buddy. He was sad so I took it upon myself to rescue another kitten last Friday SUPRISE!}

Back to little miss- we recently bought a new house and we have the opportunity to have a dog since we have a huge back yard with a 6’ ft privacy fence (I made sure of it) I love dogs and had every intention of getting one. I had my heart set on rescuing a special needs/disabled older dog of some sort since my Husband and I are both prior Military and have our disabilities it only seemed natural to give an opportunity to a dog that someone may look past. We have no kids btw.
So 1030 at the shelter and I see her the only one not barking and she’s adorable only downfall PUPPY (5 months) eek not at all what I intended but… at no fault of my own she has my old dog Sierra’s face who was a Greyhound and I had to put her down 7 years ago due to bone cancer.
I held her, took her for a walk, took her in the adoption room etc… she pee’d on me, she smelled like pee and I didn’t even care. I was smitten with her and that’s that.
I took her on the spot. In the truck we go, she pee’d in the there too (all over her paperwork) lol but she may have never been in a vehicle before, again I didn’t care. Back to work we go and everyone fell in love with her she played walked around, ran around. But haha she didn’t go to the bathroom in my bldg thank goodness she went outside both!! Woohoo

Here we go let’s suprise Daddy??? It was great! Her and kitten played and played she loved the backyard, showed husband that 3 legs doesn’t hold her back from anything!!! All is well Parker won him over YAY no accidents cause I am making sure of it? She’s training me well and reminding me what it’s like to have a puppy again whew we can do this.

We did our trip to PetSmart and bought EVERYTHING including a huge bed for her and the cat and toys for both since it seems as though that’s how it’s goong to be. And now as I write this at 230 AM on the couch since we are all having a slumber party in the living room tonight. Victor and I fell asleep on the couch. Parker stretched all the way out on her new “king size” bed, first time not sleeping on shredded paper in awhile and Waverly (kitten) curled up on the couch between us. I know I made a good decision and Parker, Waverly, Victor and I are going to adjust just fine. Sweet dreams.


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  • jerry

    YAY! I’m so glad you started a blog and showed us how completely adorable Parker is! That pup really found the Best People EVER!

    Can’t wait to follow along with all her Tripawd adventures.

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